Food Stamps Are Now Worth Double - At The Farmer's Market

A follow up to the article I previously posted from the New York Times. If programs like these become nation wide, what other excuse is left? You don’t feel like cooking? Not good enough.

Is Fast Food Really Cheaper?

A great read for those who insist that fast food is the only option for America’s poor. Think again.

Now that I’m focused on healthy eating again, I’ve stopped eating after 8 PM. This is a solid plan in theory, but here is the problem I’m running in to - I’m a night owl.

At the moment it’s 1:30 AM and I am starving. On any given night, I end up having to go a minimum of 5-6 hours (usually more) after dinner without food before bed. Going to bed hungry every night kind of sucks, so does anyone out there have any suggestions for how to quell this hunger without breaking my diet?

(Sidenote: Drinking a glass of water (or several) does not help. This is legit hunger, not in my head).  

Had my first Zumba class tonight. It was fun! But the instructor went really fast and didn’t explain any of the steps at all so it was a bit of a struggle to follow. (Also doing more than 2 reps of each step might help!)

I have no idea how many calories I burned, but I sweated my ass off. Felt pretty good afterwards.

Set a new weight loss goal for myself - and I say goal because I’ve set a date.

By the time I fly home on December 22nd I would like to be 140 lbs. I think this is managable in the time I have left, provided I stick to my diet and exercise plan.

I really let myself slack off this year, but not anymore!

On that note, I’m super hungry at the moment. Old me would have just said whatever and grabbed a snack. New me will drink a glass of water, go to bed, and eat a delicious breakfast in the morning. Yum!


Got a rather sad email from home. My great aunt has been diagnosed with Alzhymers and will be put in a long-term care facility because her house is falling apart. She’s lived in that house her entire life. I really don’t know what such a big move will do to her.

To get my mind off things, I went for a bit of a walk-run for 4 kms. I had to take more walking breaks than running but I’m hoping to improve by the end of the month. Been using interval training - run 3 minutes, walk 1 minute. Today was the first test and I think I did just OK. Will attempt a few more tries this week and see if I can’t do better.

Lunch was a sandwich - 2 slices sesame bread (small sized loaf) topped with 4 thin slices of peppered roast ham and about a squirt of mayo. On the side I had a blended salad topped with a dash of parmesan cheese. It was delicious! It really energized me after that mini-workout. I’ll post the recipe later.


Hello, little blog. It’s been a while since I spent any time with you. Gomen ne.

Today’s breakfast was a slice of whole wheat bread toasted and topped with about a tbsp (probably less actually) of natural PB from Alishan, a drizzle of honey and a medium sized banana. 

It was delish!

Alishan is the best natural PB I’ve found in terms of flavour and keeping up its consistency. Once I give it a good stir it stays mixed until the jar is done. I’ve found that other separate very easily or just taste very plain.

If you’d like to try some yourself you can here.


I am almost at 74 kilos - the weight I was when I first got to Japan.

This is not a good thing. Since May I have managed to put on close to 7 kilos. That’s 15.4 lbs.

This is an active form of self-hatred. There is no other explanation for why I seem to be intentionally putting on weight.

I’m a compulsive eater. This has always been the case but I’m more aware of it now because of how much effort I put into watching what I was eating before.

Looking back on my old posts I wonder where the dedication went. It’s like I’ve just given up and decided to be fat and unsexy. How the hell did that happen?

Whatever is going on I need to figure it out soon or this summer is absolutely going to suck.

Night Time Runs…

Pros - No one can see you lip synching to all the songs. 

Cons - Spiderwebs! Eugh!

That Point (You know the one)

I’ve reached that point where I’m tired of making excuses. Weight loss is impossible for me until I reach said point, since I ALWAYS find a way to make an excuse.

But here’s how it stands - I’m tired of looking like shit in pictures. I’m tired of anxiously scanning new shots on facebook to untag myself. I’m tired of feeling insecure about my body. I’m tired of feeling tired all the time. Just tired of it all, really.

Spent this evening preparing meals for this week. Will be doing light dinners through till Saturday. The goal is to get myself back into a routine of preparing healthy meals for myself.

I have no boyfriend right now and while I do work 45+ hours a week (4 jobs) in addition to taking a distance studies university English course, I really have no excuse to NOT be making the time to do these things.

Another benefit to being poor? It means I absolutely MUST plan my meals or face starvation come month’s end. Tomorrow will be oatmeal for breakfast, greek salad with a side of macaroni and a 1/2 slice of toasted bread for lunch, and roasted veggies plus beans and eggs for dinner. I haven’t yet decided if I will cook up the last of my whole wheat couscous to go with the veggies, but it seems like it’d be a good fit and will most likely leave me with some leftovers for lunch :)

The goal is to see how fit I can get my body before June 17th through diet and exercise. I know how to do it I just need to do it. I finally have the motivation back so let’s see what I can make of it, shall we?

Sitting is Killing You

My New Favourite Side…

Green Beans 'N Eggs

Green beans ‘n eggs. It satisfies all of my requirements - quick, easy, healthy AND delicious!

Click HERE for the recipe.

I haven’t died… Spent the week in Thailand on vacation :)

It was beautiful and fun. My diet went totally out the window in the face of delicious thai street food and pina coladas.

The photos of me in my bikini were humbling. I haven’t yet had the chance courage to step on the scale but I’ve been back to my healthy eating plan since I got back.

Smaller portions, lots of veggies, and nightly walks. Back in business!

One of the best parts about losing weight?

Gaining the confidence to go up to that cute guy and say “Hi”.

Enkai = Diet Fail

My beer glass was constantly filled by a certain boy all night so I lost track of how many I had. I’m guessing around 2 regular sized beers.

I didn’t eat much food because I was preoccupied with talking which meant that despite eating I left the enkai hungry and a little drunk. BAD combination!

Met my friend and drank two full glasses of really nice umeshuu (plum wine). We drank that stuff down like it was apple juice. TWO FULL GLASSES! Serving count = way off the chart!

Then because I was really drunk at this point I had zero inhibitions. We went to the corner store and while I avoided meat, I still bought ika mayo chips (small bag = 248 cals), HD vanilla pudding ice cream (247 cals for the container), and a pancake thing (235 cals for 1). I also ate a few handfulls of my friend’s potato stick things. They are like matchstick chips. Hard to explain.

I think it’s safe to say that I ate at least a day’s worth of calories with my binging, probably even more. In a way this is good. I’d hit a bit of a plateau so I’m hoping that by sticking very strictly to my diet for the next week and a half I will be able to shock my body back into losing weight again before my trip. I’m so close to my goal! It’d be nice to make it there :)

Despite making healthy food choices today I feel like I didn’t. I can’t really explain it. Maybe it’s because I had a cappuccino while I was tutoring? Even that’s not that bad.

Anyway, I’ll just write today off as a “fat day” and get on with it tomorrow. Had a hard time making my lunch for tomorrow. The food all looked so good and had I made it earlier I totally would have eaten some. But since it was already 10 pm I couldn’t :(

Lunch tomorrow will be snow peas tossed in the pan with a bit of sesame oil, same goes for broccoli, and boiled Japanese pumpkin with a sprinkle of cinnamon, nutmeg & brown sugar. I’ve also got a salad topped with cucumber & carrot slices and leftover canned tuna.

I’ve got an enkai to go to tomorrow night. Enkais are “drinking parties” you go to with your office. They are expensive and boring IMO.

Tomorrow night I’ll pay $50 to sit at a table with co-workers I never talk to and who I can’t speak with because my Japanese isn’t good enough. Then we get to stare at a plate of sushi for an hour while listening to speeches before getting to eat three or four slices of it plus a small “salad”. At that point the servers take the food away and people start passing out beer in mini glasses. The beer glasses here amount to about 1/2 a cup of beer. At an event like this you’ll usually get 2 of these glasses. So about 1 beer. The rest of your co-workers are shitfaced while you don’t even have a buzz.

Fun times!